A Seat at the Table Dinner Series

A Seat at the Table: Creating Equitable Communities

February 26th | Nyum Bai, Oakland

Join us for drinks, dinner, and conversation around how policy makers, food businesses, and developers help shape equitable communities.

Who gets to be the gatekeepers in developing spaces in cities? Who decides where food businesses can establish themselves? And how can we support food businesses in an ever changing landscape?

At La Cocina, we're holding space for conversation. A space for chefs, food business owners, and policy makers to come together to discuss how we can collaboratively grow equitable communities through food. And what better place to host this dinner than Nyum Bai's new restaurant in Fruitvale Village!

These conversations will be inclusive, creating space for thoughtful, challenging ideas that seek to ask questions rather than answer. And, of course, they will be delicious! The $50 of your ticket will go to Nyum Bai, for our dinner, and we will make sure it's worth its weight in delicious Khmer hot pot.

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