La Cocina Conference Fellows

Anzia Bennett - Three Sisters Kitchen, NM • Berenika Byszewski - SpeakEasy Gardens, NM • Asadullah Azimi - CT • Amelia Reese - Sanctuary Kitchen, CT •Rosa Hernandez - Sabor a Mi Tierra, CA • Myrna Martinez Nateras - The Pan Valley Institute, CA • Kimberly Dejan - KD's Nola Treats, LA • Tyler Sangermano - Roux Carré, LA • Devita Davison - FoodLab Detroit, MI • Ederique Goudia - Gabriel Hall, MI • Patricia Miller-Battiste - Centre Plate, CA • Maria Alcazar - STAND Affordable Housing, CA •Hannah Edlefsen - Portland Mercado, OR •Amalia Vasquez - Tierra del Sol, OR •Spice Kitchen, UT

The La Cocina Conference is a space for conversation. A space for chefs, food business owners, and policy makers to gather around our table and our streets to discuss how we can collaboratively grow equitable and just communities through the means of food.

This year’s Conference sees the launch of the inaugural La Cocina Fellowship Program. We are on the look-out for ‘organization and entrepreneur partners’ who are working together to foster economic development in their communities through the lens of food. As Fellows you’ll be integral to our hands-on walking tours and working groups.  We hope you’ll take the things you learn on the journey back to your communities and work on building a more just life for all.

We are offering fellowships to pairs - so if you’re a non-profit applying, we ask that you apply in partnership with a low income entrepreneur - and vice versa. We are actively looking to work with under-served communities so encourage applications from women, people of color, and low income entrepreneurs, but we are open to applications from other walks of life.