Fellowship Application

The La Cocina Conference is a space for conversation. A space for chefs, food business owners, and policy makers to gather around our table and our streets to discuss how we can collaboratively grow equitable and just communities through the means of food.

This year’s Conference sees the launch of the inaugural La Cocina Fellowship Program. We are on the look-out for ‘organization and entrepreneur partners’ who are working together to foster economic development in their communities through the lens of food. As Fellows you’ll be integral to our hands-on walking tours and working groups.  We hope you’ll take the things you learn on the journey back to your communities and work on building a more just life for all.

We are offering fellowships to pairs - so if you’re a non-profit applying, we ask that you apply in partnership with a low income entrepreneur - and vice versa. We are actively looking to work with under-served communities so encourage applications from women, people of color, and low income entrepreneurs, but we are open to applications from other walks of life.

If being an ambassador for La Cocina, and for delicious communities is something that excites you, we invite you to apply to our 2018 Fellowship Program.

How to apply:

  • We ask that each that entrepreneur apply in partnership with a non-profit, or mentor, and vice versa (i.e there should be one application per pair). We ask slightly different questions to entrepreneurs and organizations - here is the entrepreneur form and the partner form (or submit using the buttons below). We suggest that you discuss your application together before submission.

  • Applications close February 16th, we'll announce Fellows on March 2nd

  • Fellow profiles will be hosted on the La Cocina Conference website


  • Applications open January 1st
  • Applications close February 16th
  • We'll announce Fellows on March 2nd
  • Fellow profiles will be hosted on the La Cocina Conference website
  • April 16-18th, Fellows attend the conference
  • Follow up events will be held in May and June

What we expect from you:

  • The Conference is 16-18th April. We ask that Fellows arrive to San Francisco by noon on April 16th at the latest, and stay for whole duration.

  • You will be required to submit a report by July 2018 based around your learnings from the Conference, and what you intend on testing and implementing in your own communities


What we offer:

  • We will cover your travel and accommodation, as well as the conference registration fee.

  • Fellows will be invited to an extra La Cocina tour before the opening reception and meet & greet.

  • An opportunity to take a seat at the table with some of the most thoughtful, innovative minds in food and economic development